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March 23, 2021

A photo, a painting or a poster

The entrance of a house or an apartment is an area that we tend to forget. We tend to focus on the living room or bedrooms. But the entrance is an important area of your home, because it gives the person entering your home a first impression of the atmosphere that prevails. It is also a room that is overlooked because it is not so easy to decorate or furnish: it must be welcoming while remaining practical and functional. Wall decorations are a good solution to give a personal and artistic touch to your entrance. You can choose a photo that evokes a happy memory or a place you love, or a Photography of art representing a landscape or a portrait that touches you. In any case, your wall decoration will give a personal and warm tone to your entrance. A very colourful photo will give your room a boost or may recall colours present in other rooms. A beautiful calm landscape to match a Zen decoration and interior, or an urban picture to support your industrial style...

"Summer houses" by François B.
"Summer houses" by François B.

A mirror to widen the perspective and light for the atmosphere

The entrance of a house or an apartment is sometimes a narrow or cramped place. If this is the case in your home, place one or more mirrors on the walls. This will give a sense of depth to the space and amplify the light that can be reflected in the mirrors. Why not opt for an XXL mirror that will dress up the space while decorating it? In a very practical way, the mirror will also allow you to make the last morning adjustments before going out!
Finally, it must be a well-lit place, so that you can efficiently prepare yourself: you must not neglect the lights. The ideal is a nice hanging lamp, which will add a decorative touch, as well as a lamp, to modulate the lighting and adjust it to the different times of the day: a subdued light to welcome your guests in the evening, or a bright light for the morning rush.

A storage unit for a tidy entrance

Another golden rule for your entrance: order. A sober and well-ordered entrance will immediately give an impression of serenity. So avoid objects piled up on the floor, or coats piled up on a small coat rack, and prefer practical storage furniture for your personal effects (shoes, coats, keys, umbrellas). If your entrance is narrow, find compact and multifunctional furniture (a bench with pegs, or a bench that is also a clothes chest, ...). If you have space, you can install a small bench to remove your shoes or to put your bags when you arrive, a coat rack and a console to put your bags and your keys. Closed furniture will be perfect to store your shoes or warm clothes (gloves, hats, scarves, etc.) while keeping sobriety, a wall of pegs can also be an option to store while keeping a touch of offbeat and original decoration.

A glass roof to delimit spaces

In order to delimit the space between the entrance and the rest of your house or apartment, the glass roof is a very good solution. It allows to distinguish the spaces of your house or apartment but also to make the entrance more warm. A skylight will let the light in and will be very trendy and will give your interior some character and style. If it is impossible to put a glass roof, you can opt for a carpet which will also fulfill the mission of delimiting the space while giving a cosy and warm aspect to your entrance.

Wall of Photography by François B. - Photo-to-go
Wall of Photography by François B.

Decorative details

Finally, it is important to take care of the decoration by small details which will change the atmosphere. A pretty plant or cut flowers, to brighten up and give freshness, a pretty pocket, both practical and decorative object. A wall of photos can also personalize this space, or a frame placed on the floor or on a console. The most important thing is to personalize your decoration, so that your visitors will feel good right away when they walk through your door!

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