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January 26, 2021

Highly prized by photographers and photojournalists alike, black and white photographs remain a timeless part of interior design. Whether it is a portrait, to humanize a room, or a landscape to dress it, black and white photography will allow you to give a touch of intensity to your decoration. Ideas and inspirations.

Black and white for a mysterious and poetic touch

Despite the invention of colour photography in 1903 by the Lumières brothers in France, black and white photographs have retained their letters of nobility, particularly in terms of interior decoration. A beautiful black and white photo will give the room it decorates a timeless, even vintage touch. The declination of shades of grey ranging from very dark to very light allow for plays of light that make a fairy-tale landscape, a mysterious picture or a very animated face. Place a landscape photo in your entrance hall to dress it up and to give it a nice depth. Or a portrait to humanize a room, and the effect will be immediate! It is even possible to create a play of glances or light by placing on your walls several photos that respond to each other, or several faces that look at each other.

Yacht club by François B. for Photo-to-go
Yacht Club - Montreal (Canada) - François B. for Photo-to-go

To give intensity to your decoration

Dressing your walls with black and white photos will immediately give a touch of intensity to your interior. Because the black and white photo allows you to emphasise emotion beyond the colours. It is another visual language that accentuates contrasts and densities instead of colours, an artistic choice in its own right. It is for this reason that monochrome portraits are often very poignant, as they focus on the subject in a very pure way. The gazes of the people photographed stand out very strongly and allow the viewer an amplified emotion, as well as more mystery and poetry. The winners of the New Generation of Photographers Award, launched by the National Gallery of Canada, are competing this year with black and white photographs. This is also the case for photojournalists, who favour monochrome photographs to give more strength and power to their subject matter.

Bindi by François B. for Photo-to-go
Bindi - India (Taj Mahal) - François B. for Photo-to-go

Black and white matches all interiors  

Another great advantage of monochrome wall decoration is that it fits in any interior and matches any colour. If you already have coloured furniture or walls painted with bright colours, then a black and white photo will allow you to decorate the room harmoniously and free you from this visual constraint. No more puzzles to match furniture, carpet or wallpaper with your frames. Once again, your photo will be highlighted by the room, whether it is coloured or very pure.

Decoration of an interior in black and white
Interior decoration in black and white | Les amants de New-york - François B. pour Photo-to-go

The decoration of a room entirely in black and white is also very trendy and very much appreciated, and a monochrome photo will come to sign the atmosphere of this place by making it harmonious and elegant: a bedroom whose furniture and walls are black and white, a kitchen or a very pure and very graphic entrance. Black and white can be declined on your walls, on the floor (with carpets) and with beautiful pictures on the walls.
Last possibility, a black and white photo with a touch of colour: an original way to mix codes and to energize your decoration.

Dépanneur (Canada) - François B. for Photo-to-go
Dépanneur (Canada) - François B. for Photo-to-go

Choosing a black and white photo to dress your walls is the certainty of giving character and elegance to your decoration.

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