5 solutions to decorate without drilling

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February 26, 2021

1. The Japanese masking tape "masking tape".

This accessory has made a remarkable entry into the world of decoration and creative hobbies: a kind of small rice paper adhesive tape from Japan, it is often very colourful or with patterns. Inspired by the protective tapes used by painters, this tape can be repositioned without leaving any marks, and allows you to change your decoration or layout often without leaving any marks.
It is therefore a perfect tool for creating decorations, decors or even frescoes on walls. You can also create frames for your decorative objects (photos, posters, paintings), or hang the photos directly on the wall by playing with the colors or patterns on the ribbon. It can even be used to write messages. It comes in all colours, all widths and with an infinite number of motifs. You are sure to find what you are looking for.

Choice of Japanese masking tape
Creating a frame with Japanese masking tape

2. The adhesive fixing putty

This tool is a great alternative to nails! With the putty, there is no need to drill, hammer and take measurements. For light decorations (paper photos, posters), the putty allows a very fast and durable installation. Simply position it in the four corners of your posters or in several places of the decoration you wish to fix, then apply it to the wall.

Blue adhesive paste

3. The double-sided adhesive

For heavier objects, such as framed photos or paintings, there are double-sided adhesives that can hold up to several kilos. Don't worry about your frame falling off! To use it, it's the same principle as putty, stick it on the back of your decoration, then apply it to the wall. When it's time to remove it, don't worry either, because the double-sided adhesive can be removed very easily without tearing the paint off your wall.

Double-sided adhesive tape

4. The adhesive hook

Another solution to hang on the wall without damaging your painting or leaving unsightly marks: adhesive hooks. It is the ideal solution to hang garlands of lights, fabrics or even frames in the different rooms of your house. Depending on the surface on which you want to fix the hook, you will use either an adhesive hook or a hook that can be fixed with a suction cup (for tiles, bathroom walls, mirrors). There are even magnetic hooks that you can attach outside (on a gutter for example) to fix a light garland and give a warm atmosphere to your space.

Example of adhesive hooks

5. Decoration placed on the floor or on a piece of furniture

Finally, a very trendy solution that will give a lot of cachet to your interior decoration: floor-standing frames. No need to systematically hang a photo or a painting on the wall. Placing it on the floor or on a shelf or a piece of furniture will give a casual but artistic touch to your decor. You can even arrange several frames next to each other by playing with their size, colours and thickness.

Authenticity by François B. - Stretched canvas laid on a table

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