3 good reasons to choose stretched canvas for your decoration

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January 3, 2021

Today we are talking about a support that is more and more popular with everyone to decorate our walls: stretched canvas on wooden frame.

Most often, you will find online and in your favourite decoration shops paintings and Photographs printed on cotton canvas stretched on a raw wooden support. This combination of the two materials brings advantages that are highly appreciated by the buyers and we understand why!

Stretched canvas on wooden frame - Photo-to-go
Stretched canvas on wooden frame - Photo-to-go

Chic and warm atmosphere

The canvas is not without reminding us paintings medium of the greatest masters used since the 15th century and which we visit in the greatest museums of the world. Still in use but woven with more modern and different methods, paintings and photographs on canvas nowadays furnish the most sophisticated and modern interiors because they bring a chic and refined side to the room. The noble and natural character of cotton and wood complete the chic atmosphere by bringing a touch of naturalness that gives softness and a cosy side to the decoration.

Warm and chic atmosphere - Printed on stretched canvas Chic Parisien Photo-to-go
Warm and chic atmosphere - Printed on stretched canvas "Chic Parisien" by François B. pour Photo-to-go

No need for framing

Nowadays, the paintings or Photographs on sold canvases do not require any more frames so much the work is highlighted and sublimated materials. The thicker your wooden support will be and the less the need to add a frame will be necessary. The absence of a frame has the advantage of not overloading your walls and saves you additional expenses when buying your new painting or your new Photography on canvas. This brings us to the third good reason to choose stretched canvas on a wooden frame: the excellent value for money.

Stretched canvas on wooden frame - Authenticity by François B. for Photo-to-go
Stretched canvas on wooden frame - Authenticity by François B. for Photo-to-go

Quality and budget respected

You will find online and in your usual decoration stores Photographs printed on stretched canvas with a very good quality wooden support starting at 100$ for the smallest sizes. Prices can go up to 1000$ for extra-large sizes. This price range guarantees durable colors and a canvas that will not warp over time. You will certainly find lower prices but these do not guarantee local manufacturing and durability of the products.

Choosing the canvas to furnish your walls is the guarantee of a refined, warm and easy decoration with an undeniable quality-price ratio!

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