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My Story

It all started with a passion for Photography art, several moves and white walls to decorate.
Born in Brazil, I had the chance to live during my childhood and adolescence in many countries (Spain, Cameroon, Austria, Czech Republic). These moves gave me a taste for travel and discovery.

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Photo-to-go exclusively offers Photographs which I have been taking for over 15 years now.

All my Photographs artworks are printed in Montreal (Canada).

I created Photo-to-go to answer a need we all have:
Decorate our walls in a unique way.

François B. passionate photographer

Portrait of François B. Photo-to-go

For more than 15 years, I have been capturing everything I see, wherever I travel.
For me, a Photography is not only an image, it also represents a moment, emotions, an encounter. And I want to share this with you.

Photography art is something almost intimate and you have to go deep into your soul to be able to capture a single piece. Each of my Photographs has a story, I create them through emotions and I express something with each of them. Your understanding of Photography will be right as each Photography will evoke a different emotion for each of us.

Above all, I want to give everyone who hangs one of these Photographs art pieces in their home or office a sense of joy and tranquility. I want to allow everyone to personalize their home in a unique way with a beautiful photo art!

I will be happy to discuss with you if you have any questions. You can contact me at contact@photo-to-go.com

François B

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